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Behind Prince Hypermart

A.E Marañon Street, Poblacion II, Sagay City

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Welcome to Confiteria Dulce

Confiteria Dulce is a Cafe created and managed by Chef Camille Gonzaga of Sagay City. The Cafe started as a small shop serving taste-defying, must-taste-again and irrestible filipino foods. The original Cafe was located near the Market Mall in Sagay Proper but was later on moved to a spacious spot at the back of Prince Sagay City. The cafe started with 3 people, The owner,the cashier and the server. Today, a lot of people come and go and the place is run by 10+ people.

Our food is mainly of Desserts, Pastries,Cakes and filipino foods like sotanghon,fried chicken and the likes. Our Food is made from fresh ingredients produce from the neighboring towns and are delivered to Confiteria Dulce. We value the freshness and exquisiteness of the food we serve to the plate of our Customer. Our food has been the main reason why people go back to our place. They are cheap and it will surely satify your palette.

Our Services

We serve food for all occassions.

Healthy Foods

Ingredients are made from fresh products sold on the market of sagay. We provide the best quality of ingredients to our cuisines.


We cater food on all occasions, be it weddings, thanksgiving, christening, birthdays and any other events.

Original Recipes

Our products are made with original recipes for the masses.

Best Sellers

These are the menus loved and ordered frequently by our customers.


One of the most requested menu everytime. Its commonly ordered by family who dines in or groups who shares food.

P 260.00


Filipino style sotanghon which is served daily. One of sagaynons favorite menu on the table.

P 150.00

Vegetable Pasta

Nutritios pasta made from local vegetables. It's green and it's yummy full of nutrients.

P 80.00

Fried Chicken

Filipinos are chicken loving people. Thus we bring the chicken specially made with sercret recipe.

P 110.00

Special Cakes

Sweet cakes for different occasion. Once tasted always wanted.

P 250.00


Sanwiches made for the masses. All time favorite of the people of sagay.

P 30.00

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